Official distributor

LUMINET, being the official distributor of the manufacturer, has been successfully offering DEGSON ELECTRONICS Co. crimp connectors for many years on the domestic and EU markets. The network of global distributors DEGSON began to build since 2009. We provide the highest quality clamp connectors for manufacturers: industrial automation, electronic and energy industries, transformers, manufacturers of passenger lifts, manufacturers of power devices, producers of renewable energy, construction, telecommunications, lighting industry, manufacturers of security systems, shipbuilding, automotive.

The manufacturer, through close cooperation with local distributors, has created a specialized sales network ensuring quick contact with the customer, optimal order processing as well as comprehensive services and technical support. All products comply with the requirements of the European Directive 2011/65 / EU, called RoHS2. 

We approach each order individually, guided by the principle that customer satisfaction is a measure of the value of our work.



Factory picture 1. DEGSON headquarters in Ningbo.

Factory picture 2. Automatic assembly production DEGSON is about 70%, which allows to improve the consistency of products, while manual production is about 30%, mainly for new products, non-standard or special products. Automatic CCD control can perform all kinds of clamp checks, screws, housings, etc.

Factory picture 3. DEGSON has all kinds of modern machines for precision punching and stamping.

Factory picture 4. DEGSON has highly specialized, brand injection molding machines (Japan Mitsubishi Precision CNC Electrical Impulses Machine) working with precision molds to ensure the highest quality of clamping production.

Factory picture 5. DEGSON forms adopt a standard modularization structure that can flexibly provide product samples and deliver products according to different types and quantities of products.

Factory picture 6. DEGSON Japan Sodick Low-Wire Wire Cut Machine.

Factory picture 7. DEGSON, adapting to the dynamically changing market, has been honored with the following certificates: National High-tech Enterprise, Ningbo Patent-Demonstrated Enterprise, Ningbo Engineering & Technical Center. DEGSON has the first UL (CTDP) and VDE authorized laboratory in Asia. Factory employees dealing with quality and testing through professional UL and VDE training fully meet all safety certification requirements at an early stage of research and development. The company has implemented a quality management system with high ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO80079-34 standards.

Picture 8. Meetings with the owner of DEGSON and the managers of the producer.

All products have been approved by UL, VDE, EX, CE, EAC, CQC, and are also RoHS and REACH compliant. DEGSON laboratory equipped with a number of advanced testing devices and devices that can support all connector tests in accordance with UL1059, UL486E, IEC60998, IEC61984, IEC60947, GB13140, GB14048, CSAC22.2NO.158.