Our company willingly shares knowledge and experience, helping in choosing the right DEGSON connectors, which are an excellent alternative to connectors from other manufacturers. Thanks to the long history of cooperation with DEGSON, we provide connectors to customers with products at attractive prices and efficient order processing.


Trade company LUMINET as a certified producer distributor has been very active on both the domestic and European market for many years. Constant monitoring of the market situation allows us to properly shape our price offer on an ongoing basis so that our prices of clamping connectors are competitive.


a) We accept orders placed by correspondence via e-mail:

b) The received order requires our written confirmation [mail] of acceptance for implementation. The lack of such confirmation is not synonymous with the acceptance of the order.

c) We accept the so-called framework orders with deadlines / dates provided by the customer.

d) We also carry out orders for DEGSON brand connectors that we do not have in the commercial offer, subject to prior agreement of the commercial terms and delivery time.


a) Shipments are received by a courier company from our headquarters.

b) Deliveries are deemed to have been made when the goods are at the disposal of the Ordering Party at the agreed place of delivery without further obligations by LUMINET.

c) Shipping costs depend on their weight and dimensions, so-called parcels and are served when the order is accepted.

d) Shipments within the EU are delivered by UPS or other courier company agreed with the Purchaser.

e) We are not responsible for any damages resulting from untimely execution of the order, non-delivery of goods, incomplete delivery, delivery of goods with technical data different from those presented on the websites. We are also not responsible for any loss of revenue or other losses arising from failure to deliver the appropriate goods within the specified time. This does not apply if a separate contract has been concluded for the delivery of the goods.

g) The cost of delivery of the ordered goods is covered by the customer.