Terminal Block Degson 15EDGKM-3.5-05P-14-00A(H)

Terminal Block Degson 15EDGKM-3.5-05P-14-00A(H)
Detachable clamp connector, additionally screwed with socket, female for wires, 05-pin, 3.5mm pitch. Elevator type screw clamp. Plug-in direction parallel to the cable axis. Cage clamps made of brass. The contacts are made of phosphor bronze. Cable cross section from 0.5mm2 to 1.5mm2, rated voltage 250V, rated current 7A. VDE certificate. CE declaration of conformity. The basic color of the connector is green.

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  • Brand: DEGSON
  • Product Code: 15EDGKM-3.5-05P-14-00A(H)
  • Availability: Available on request.

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